About Us

Yo! My lionhearted Healthcare Hero,so glad you’re here! My name is Jonathan, founder of MotivatEM. I started this venture 4 years ago as a medical student, because I believed that my own vulnerability and transparency with the struggles of medicine could be used to impact people’s lives in a positive way. Here is how I’ve been doing it! I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. And although this is not an evidence-based practice, I aim to create content that uniquely explores the challenges that we face as healthcare workers through my lens as a medical resident in the greatest city of them all, New York! During these challenging times, I know now more than ever that the modern day healthcare worker has suffered significant moral injury. An issue understood by only those within the field. So with a mix of motivation, inspiration, positivity and a dash of humor, I present the concoction that is…MotivatEM. Content and products by healthcare workers, for healthcare workers.