Yo! My lionhearted Healthcare Hero,

So glad you’re here!  We want to help you to be able to provide the best care to your patient's without having to worry about the small stuff. Our mission is to equip the world’s healthcare workers with the most high quality, durable, and easy-to-use stethoscope holder giving you access to the tools you need, exactly when you need it. Here is how We’ve been doing it! 

We've tested every stethoscope holder on the market allowing us to create a versatile holder that can secure your stethoscope at your side in up three different ways! No more forgetting or misplacing your stethoscope. No more bulky stethoscopes during your physical exam. And most of all, no more neck pain during your long shifts. 

During these challenging times, I know now more than ever that the modern day healthcare worker has endured tough times. An issue understood by only those within the field. So let us help you make your days just a little bit easier!